Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prosperity Gospel?

Jesus was born in a smelling manger, not to have me born in a clean hospital. Jesus was raised in a dysfunctional home, not to have me be raised in awell-adjusted home. Jesus was not highly educated, not that I would be sent to good colleges. Jesus was not accepted by his own people, not to have me be accepted byeveryone. Jesus was dependent on others for survival, not that I would have the “best life now”. Jesus suffered for the most part of his life, not that I would have a comfortable life. Jesus was falsely accused, not that I would not undergo character-assassination.Jesus was brutally beaten before his murder, not that I would be always pattedon my back. Jesus was cruelly crucified, not to give me a pain-free death.

He deliberately chose to go through all these ordeals, only for the sole purpose of bringing me to God, so that I can be rightly related to him. The above thoughts were born as a result of hearing especially the false teachings of General Joyce (as Michael Spencer of calls her) and Joel Osteen. The heretical teachings that Jesus is all about making me a happy, healthy, and wealthy, giving me the “best life now” is highly suffocating. It drains out the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Life is not about me, but about God conforming me to the image of his great Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

What are your thoughts on this whole wholesale mess-up?


  1. What is the essence of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in your opinion?

  2. Do you believe Jesus died for you to struggle or take you back to the garden of Eden?